Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas and Chinese New Year Shopping Tour - Frost Products (Part 4)

My vocab for food is strictly limited to normal Singaporean common food. This warehouse retail shop sell most of the food ingredients that I have never heard of before. The food are more suitable for Western palates.

Sugar-Free Yeast-Free Fresh Pita Bread - Pack of 6The warehouse sell food such as Pita bread, Avocadro slices, egg tart, ice-cream dessert, frozen mushroom and drop dead cheap Esprit drinks at $2 dollars.

So if you can find some uses for the food named above (There are many other food, too bad I cannot remember all.) feel free to visit them on weekdays.

This tour is classified under warehouse tours.

If you need transportation services to visit this place, please refer to our product listing page.

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view of frost showroom

Esprit drinks sold by Frost on shelves
Eaprit drink upfront view
free cookie, waffles for sampling
Above: Waffles, cookies, Esprit and other drinks for sampling (Avail only if booking was made)

Booking: No booking is required.


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