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Warehouses Tour :- No manufacturing or production of goods/food can be observed (Even if is is a factory, if no production can be observed by visitors, it will also be listed as warehouse)

Christmas and Chinese New Year Shopping Tour (Part 1) - Taiwan Snacks
Located in Woodland. Warehouse that sell mainly Taiwan imported snacks. Also a main landing site for all related shopping tour.

Christmas and Chinese New Year Shopping Tour - Frassler (Part 2)
Located in Woodland. Warehouse that specialise in Salmon and related products.

Christmas and Chinese New Year Shopping Tour - Seah's Spices(Part 3)
Located in Senoko. Warehouse cum Kitchen that specialise in powdered spices and ready mix cooking incredients

Christmas and Chinese New Year Shopping Tour - Frost Products (Part 4)
Located in Tuas. Warehouse that sell mainly petas bread, dessert, cookies and Avogadro slices(Frozen)

Christmas and Chinese New Year Shopping Tour - Science Art (Part 5)
Located in Macpherson. Warehouse that demostrate and sell Chinese Herbal Products.

Christmas and Chinese New Year Shopping Tour - Chocolate Room (Part 6)
Located in Defu. Room by Cocoa Tree that sell all kinds of imported chocolates.

Chinese New Year Part 1 - Roast Duck
Located in Ubi. Store selling Roasted duck, suckling pig.

Chinese New Year Part 3 - Pasir Panjang wholesale Vegtable Market
Located in Pasir Panjang. Veg and Fruits wholesale center in Singapore

Chinese New Year Part 4 - Fish Port
Located in Jurong and Senoko. Major seafood wholesale center in Singapore

Chinese New Year Part 11 - 香味 (Fragrance Roasted Pork)
Located in Woodland. BBQ pork producer in Singapore. Sell tibits too.

Chinese New Year Part 12 - "Fa Gao" 发糕
Located in Woodland. Fa Gao and other cake producer in Singapore

Chinese New Year Part 13 - Kwong Cheong Thye
Located in Senoko. One of the largest saurce producing factory in Singapore.

Chinese New Year Part 14 - Bengawan Solo  

Located in Woodland. One of the largest cake producer in Singapore. Operate during CNY only.

Chinese New Year Part 15 - Hong Yi Hao Trading - Tibits company
Located in Senoko. A large tibits distributor in Singapore.

Chinese New Year Part 16 - Camel Nuts company
Located in Defu. One of the largest distributor of Nuts related product in Singapore.

Chinese New Year Part 18 - Tai Sun
Located in Pandan Loop. One of the largest distributor of Nuts related product in Singapore.

Birdnest warehouse tour:- Fu Hua
Located in Ubi. One of the largest birdnest retailer and distributor in Singapore

Brown Rice Tea:- Highlander
Located in Aljunied. Brown Rice tea importer in Singapore

Vinegar/Coarse Rice
Located in Ang Mo Kio. Buy black vinegar and coarse rice powder here.

Toyogo Plastic Warehouse
Located in Toa Payoh. Buy all the plastic tupperware or other hardware here.

Thow Yen bao
Located in Bedok. Buy all the different type of bao you one in one place at huge discount.

Factory Tours

Chinese New Year Part 6 - Otah and Curry Puff/Soon Kueh
Located in Hougang. Observe how otah/curry puff and Soon Kueh are made. Eat them hot off the cooking oil or BBQ machine

Chinese New Year - Part 9 - Fei Fah Ointment and Balm
Located in Kakit Bukit. Observe how ointment are made.

Chee Cheong Fun Factory Tour:- Leong Chai Kee
Located in Kakit  Bukit. Obseve how Chee Cheong Fun are made.

Yakult Factory Tour
Located in Senoko. Observe how Yakult are manufacture.

Gardenia Factory Tour
Located in Pandan Loop. Observe how Gardenia breads are made

Sime Darby Cooking Oil Factory Tour
Located near Chin Bee area. Observe the steps involved in making cooking oil through video. See how packaging are done.

Farm/Nursery Tours

Chinese New Year Part 7 - Wheat and Mushroom farm(Kin Yan)
Located in Lim Chu Kang. See how wheats are grew in Singapore

Chinese New Year Part 8 - Vegetable wholesale in a farm
Located in Lim Chu Kang. Veg wholesale from farms.

Chinese New Year - Part 10 - Sing See Soon Flower Nursery
Located in Sengkang. Fresh flower nursery with cold room.

Chinese New Year Part 5 - Orchiville
Located in Mandai. One of the largest private orchid grower in Singapore. Have a nice restaurant on site too.

Kelong Tour
Located off Changi Point. See how fishes are lifted at Changi Point. See how Kelong work. Observe fish farms in the high sea. Have dinners over sun set. 

Animal Resort
Located in Seletar. Interact with geese, ducks, rabbits, horses, goats and dog.

Local in Sungei Tengah. Buy your favourite farm produce here. Come here to shop and eat amid peaceful surrounding(weekends are very crowded)

Bollywood Veggies
Located in Neo Tiew. Join a guided tour and discover the many types of Banana trees and plants. Enjoy free coffee and cakes at the end of the tour.

Dragon Fruit Farm
Located in Lim Chu Kang. Join a guided tour to discover the life cycle and growing process of Dragon Fruits plant. Enjoy a free can of Dragon Fruit juice at the end of the tour.

Hay Dairy
Located in Lim Chu Kang. See the goat milking process. Learn more about goat milk and its benefits

181 Seafood
Located in Lim Chu Kang. See how animals are slaughter so that one can get the freshest produce

Hydroponics Farm Tour
Located in Bah Soon Ba area. Learn how to be a hydroponics farm farmer

Educational Tours

Educational Tour - Part 1 - Pizza Hut Kitchen Tour
Located in any Pizza Hut shop. Learn how pizza are make in Pizza Hut

Educational Tour - Part 2 - Mushroom Farm Tour
Located in Seletar. Learned how fresh mushroom are grown in Singapore. You can buy fresh mushrooms here too.

Educational Tour - Part 3 - Fire Station Tour
Located in major fire station. See and use the fire-fighting equipments used by fireman.

Educational Tour - Part 4 - Fire Station Heritage Tour
Located in Hill Street. Learn the history of Civil defence, specifically fireman corp in Singapore.

Educational Tour - Part 5 - Haw Par Villa
Located in Pasir Panjang. Learn about the history of Haw Par brothers. Also have a walk through hell exhibition.

Educational Tour - Part 6 - Newater
Located in Bedok. Learn about how used water are recycled into portable water.

Educational Tour - Part 6A - Marina Barrage
Located in Marina South. Learn about how Singapore largest fresh reservoir works.

Educational Tour - Japanese Occupation Series - Part 1 - Battle Box
Located in Fort Canning. Learn why General Percival choose to surrender to the Japanese in World War II.

Educational Tour - Japanese Occupation Series - Part 2 - Ford Factory
Located in Bukit Timah. See the place where the British surrender to the Japanese. See how Singaporeans survive through the war.

Educational Tour - Japanese Occupation Series - Part 3 - Changi Chapel
Located in Changi. See the place where POWs are kept during the Japanese Occuptation in Singapore.

Educational Tour - Land Transportation Gallery
Located in Hampshire Road. Learn the past, present and future of Singapore Public Transport System.

Educational Tour - Air Force Museum
Located near Airport Road. Learn about the Air Force and see real models of our fighter jets

Educational Tour - Chinese Heritage Tour @ NTU
Located In NTU. Learn about the lives of other Chinese immigrants in other countries.

Educational Tour - HDB Gallery
Located in Toa Payoh. Learn about the past, present and future of Housing Estates in Singapore

Educational Tour - YOG learning Center
Located in Kay Siang Road. Learn about history of YOG and some of the games participating in YOG

Educational Tour - Singapore City Gallery
Located near Maxwell foodcourt. Learn about the transformation and planning that went into Singapore Urban landscape

Educational Tour - Science Center Kitchen Lab
Located in Science Center (Quite hard to find, you need a guide to bring you there). Learn abt science through food in kitchen.

Educational Tour - OpenNet Gallery
Located near City Hall MRT newly open section. Discover the brave new world once OpenNet is up and running.

Educational Tour - Singapore Philatelic Museum
Located near Ford Canning. Learn everything you need to know about stamps.

Educational Tour - TCM theory and practical
Located near Macpherson - Learn all you can abt massage, gua sha, ba kua and herbs

Educational Tour - Radio Station
Located in Caldecott - Learn about Radio Broadcast and make your own recording

Educational Tour - Chinese Opera Museum
Located near Malay Heritage Center - Learn about Chinese Opera
Temple Tours

Chinese New Year Part 2 - Loyang Temple
Located in Loyang. Popular temple that worship all the gods of most major religion in Singapore

Chinese New Year Part 17 - Tian Jun Temple (盛港天君府)
Located in Sengkang. Temple with a golden white snake. Popular for those hoping to win lottery. 

Sand Quarry
Located on offshore island beyond Seletar. Sand quarry. Climb sand dune which was previously off limit!

Garden Tours  

Garden Tour Series 3 part (A break from CNY series) - Part 1 - Dairy Farm Park
Located in Bukit Timah. Tour of forest and old used stone Quarry in Singapore

Garden Tour Series 3 part (A break from CNY series) - Part 2 Alexandar Arc/ Hort Park
Located around Alexandar area. Tour of forest tree top and see designers garden

Garden Tour Series 3 part (A break from CNY series) - Part 3 - Seng Kang Riverwalk Fruit Park
Located in Sengkang. Tour of SengKang fruit garden and watertop walk

Garden Tour - Off the beaten track near the Dairy Farm Garden
Located in Bukit Timah. Tour of forest and old used stone Quarry in Singapore

Garden Tour - Bukit Purmei Hillock Park (IPPT training Park)
Located in Bukit Purmei. Use the park to train IPPT while admire surroundings

Garden Tour - Fort Canning Spice Garden
Located in Fort Canning. As you climb the stairs learn about commonly used spices around the region

Products for sale that offer substantial benefits to mankind

Antidiabetic Herbal Tea (Product Introduction)
Usage: Lessen the effects of diabetics.

Reuseable, portable, aluminium alloy utensils (Product introduction)
Usage: Portable utensils. Ensure proper hygiene when eating your food.

Other places I have seen
Resort World at Sentosa : A side track

Dino Tours

Tiger Tower

Fish Ball Factory

Marina Bay Sand and The Helix

National Day Review fireworks