Monday, March 8, 2010

Fish ball Factory

Before you guys get too excited about this location, I need to inform you that visit to this fish ball factory is no longer allowed. So the point is, a lot of the places I have posted here may be gone or become off limits anytime without any warning. So visit them while you still can!

Well, as this place is now close off to visitors, I will post it under places I have been instead of factory tours. To allow you to learn more about this place, I will try to include more commentaries on each of the photos.

Situated in Bedok Gourmet Factory, this is just one of the many food related factory. The boss WAS kind enough to allow ONE tour group to enter. However the hassle of changing into wet boots, making sure participants go through the wet bath and fearing old folks slipped on the slippery group + the low profit margin (they sell some of their fish ball, fishcake, “otah”, etc but not many people buy) turn him off.

Next lesson, for shops which sell stuff, you guys must show some support, else you may be the first and LAST group to visit.

This location will be classified under Random Places of Interest. It does not meet the blog objectives. Specifically, point 3.

Above:- The name of the factory is Aik Sim. If you have any luck in getting the boss to open up, please comment!
Below:- The fish paste cutter machine. The fish paste comes in rectangular blocks that is as hard as ice cube. The cutter will shred it to paste form. During the cutting process, the kinetic energy converted to heat energy is enough to raise the temperature from -2 degrees celsius to 6 celsius.

Above and Below:- The now thoroughly shredded and mix fish paste (MSG and some pepper are added to the paste) are now extracted into a container to be passed on to the moulder to make round fish balls.

Above:- A whole container of shredded fish paste.
Below:- Suction is used to put the paste into the moulder machine. The uncooked fish ball is dropped into buckets of water.
Above:- Fish ball are then cooked in giant wok. It is very hot here guys.
Below:- Fish cake awaiting its turn to be cooked.
Below:- The spread boss has prepared for us to buy. Fish cake, fish ball, "otah", "Wu Xiang" and others.


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