Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Educational Tour - Air Force Museum

Sorry for the delay. Down with a lousy flu this past few days. I am still sick but the blog cannot wait any longer.

Air force is a important part of any modern defense. In Air force Museum, you get to see the growth of Singapore Air force from the time when we first took over from Royal Air force (Part of British Army) to the Singapore Air force.

The visit to the Museum is either guided or free and easy. I will recommend a guided tour.

The guides are normally personnel who are retired Air force officer will give you interest tidbits and stories about the Air force that you will never know if you just walk around yourself (Guided tour is only available for groups and with booking).

In the Air force Museum, you can see real but retired airplanes, helicopters, missiles and even real cockpit.

In the second floor gallery, learnt about the history of the air force such as the uniforms they wore, their old office, air traffic control center (ATC).

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This tour will be classified as part of an educational tour.

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