Thursday, March 4, 2010

Farm Tour - Qian Hu Fish Farm

"Qian Hu" is the only farm that is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. It is one of the largest aquarium fish breeders and distributors in Singapore.

"Qian Hu" is famous for her Arowana fish (Golden Dragon fish), it is almost a must see for all fish lovers (some of the dragons are own or used to be owned by famous people like Mr. Chow Yun Fatt).

Children who tack along can also learn about the life of Arowana or just enjoy fishing some of the small fishes that they rear in their pond (Pond fishing comes with a fee. I cannot remember how much, drop me a comment if you know).

Inside "Qian Hu", you can also find Arowana and stingray gallery, sick fish nursery and cafe.

This tour will be classified as part of the Farm Tours.

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