Monday, March 22, 2010

Gardenia Factory Tour

I am shock that I have not introduced to you guys this interesting tour...Bread Tour!! Okay, it is the Gardenia Factory Tour.

I have posted so many tours that I have forgotten what I have posted and what I have not.

Gardenia for those interested is actually a genus of flowering plants under the same family as coffee (I am positive most employees of Gardenia are not aware of this).

Some history lessons here. Gardenia is actually a Singapore Company. Many mistook it to be a Malaysia Company due to its numerous bakeries from KL to Johor. It started off as a small Bakery shop in Bukit Timah founded by an American.

During the tour, participants will be introduced to the wide range of products that Gardenia offers. This is followed by a video show introducing Gardenia baking process using modern technology.

Once the talk and video has ended, participants are allowed to tour the factory on an elevated walkway. Within the tour, be amazed at the huge cooling tower which allows the breads to be cool before packing. See the tunnel oven which precisely bakes the bread to the correct temperature in a stipulated time.

End the tour with a free bun for everyone!

Booking is compulsory before visits. Please contact us for booking (at least 3 months booking)

This tour will be classified under the Factory Tours and Educational Tours.

If you need transportation services to visit this place, please refer to our product listing page.

You can also purchase a list of Top 40 Must Visit Places in Singapore with Sample Itineraries at the Donation/Payment Details page.


Anonymous said...

Are you in-charge of the Gardenia factory? May I know what are the charges for the tour? Thanks

Richard Yap said...

There is a overall booking charge of $44

Anonymous said...


We are from the elderly care services and we plan to bring these group of elderly folks to visit your factory. Could you kindly advise us on the procedure? Will there be cost involved?

Could you email me to


Alice Wong

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher in charge of a fitness club in my school.
I am looking at the health aspect of my pupils and would like to emphasise on healthy eating on my pupils.
We can only do it on a Friday and start our CCA from 2.30 to 4.30pm. Time is flexible.
Please emal me at:
Thank you

Anonymous said...


can i bring around 40 university students to visit Gardenia factory?

my email address is may i have your contact email?

Richard Yap said...

Dear all, Pls drop an email on am abit slow in reading the comment. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I would like to bring a group of people from 20-40 pax to visit Gardenia bread factory. May I ask for more detail? Thank you.

Richard Yap said...

Pls email to

Unknown said...

hi..i'm planning to bring my mosque volunteers to visit your place in 18 aug. is it possible. no of pax abt 38-40pax

Unknown said...

hi..i'm planning to bring my mosque volunteers to visit your place in 18 aug. is it possible. no of pax abt 38-40pax

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