Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Land Transport Authority Gallery (LTA Gallery)

Ever wonder how the evolution of Singapore Public Transport system comes about? Want to know what the Singapore government has planned for us with regards to our public transport system in the future. Get all your answer at Land Transport Authority Gallery(LTA Gallery).

Situated at Hampshire road, it was the old KK hospital (KK hospital is the government Woman and Children Hospital). Now, it has been converted into the office for LTA.

LTA Gallery tour is fully guided tour expected to last one hour. The tour is interactive and must be followed through from one end to the other (one door close, the other open type), so take your toilet break in advance!

In side the Gallery, you can see the history of Singapore public transport. This includes the electric tram, old buses and rickshaw. You can also play the policeman trying to spot the sticker for those entering the CBD area (no ERP last time), that is a tough job.

Learn about the tunneling technology used in the building of tunnels and underground expressway in Singapore. See how roads are diverted without causing major disruption to traffic.

One can also sit in F1 racing car bucket seat and vote for your favorite outcome in the future of public transport. After every choice, you will also be informed of the consequences of your choice.

Your last stop will be about the future of Singapore. Everything is by now seamless, even a seat on the bus is booked before hand via your hand phone or electronic personal assistance. Be amazed!

Booking is required for groups and Monday is off.

This will be classified as part of the Education tours.

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