Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Garden Tour - Impiah Lookout

I am not sure if anyone still remembers the old monorail in Sentosa? One of the station and part of the track has now been converted into a gallery and elevated walkway. If you miss the monorail (I know I do), this walk may help you to remember the olden days of traveling through the forest on a train, among the top of the trees.

Sadly, only a very small potion of the walk is elevated using the monorail tracks and station. The rest is a natural walk through a rain forest which has seen better times.

I can see structures of bygones age (as in old attractions not yet torn down), it makes me feel sad that in this fast moving society, once something is useless, one is either immediately replace or modified until no one can remember what it was at the beginning.

Along the way, you could see waterfall, dragon spine, some of Singapore oldest and tallest tree, an old costal defense ford, a adventure camp and a watch tower with a fantastic sea view.

The nice sea view at the end of the walk is a good incentive for us to finish the walk. Oh, there is a bus nearby, so you do not need to walk back. The journey for a fast walker is about 1 hour ++.


Booking is not required. Open whole year round.


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