Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farm Tour - Hay Dairy

I am back after suffering a serious bout of food poisoning...anyone misses me?

Hay Dairy is the only goat farm in Singapore. The milk are not sold through retails, rather it is by direct delivery. This ensures that only the freshest milk is delivered to you...just like old times.

Visit Hay Dairy only in the morning. In the morning, the farmers will milk the goat and will give a detailed explanation of the type of goats, the advantage of goat milk vs cow milk, etc. During the explanation, see how the milking process is carried out.

As a quick introduction, goat milk differs from cow milk in the following way:-

1) Goat milk is alkaline while cow milk is acidic (Goat milk is good for those with gastric)

2) Goat milk has less lactose compare to Cow (suitable for those with lactose intolerance)

3) In Chinese medicine, Goat milk is cool effect while cow milk is heaty effect (If you do not understand what I am talking about, never mind)

Due to HSA restriction, feeding of Goat is NOT allowed.

Oh a last trivia, there is only 1 male goat to satisfied the hundreds of female goat there (the goats need to be pregnant to produce milk)....Chew on that guys!

Booking is required and there is a entrance fee of $3 per person. Contact us for more info.

This tour will be classified under both Farm Tours and Educational Tours
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