Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kelong Tour Updates

Have anyone heard of Linzhi "Po Pi Bao Zhi Fen"? I am given two boxes of such powder free of charge. I am told that this is supposed to be a great but expensive tonic. Being a greedy pig that I am, I start taking them immediately. However, there is a curious side effect...I keep having to "LS" at night (LS is diarrhea) but feeling very good during day time. Weird!

Anyway, I have revisited the Kelong the other day and the Lady Boss has kindly shown the group several interesting stuff! This is an update post from the original Kelong Tour article.

During the tour, we saw how the fishes upload at Changi Point is monopolized by a family (down with cartel I say) of trader.

Cartel is bad because fishes by local fishermen or Kelongs are force to sell to this Cartel at a ridiculously low price but at sell to the logistic or other middleman at twice the price, who sold to the restaurant at twice the price and then to us at twice the price again!

A fish sold by the fisherman for say 16 dollars could become 64 dollars by the time it reaches us!

After viewing the upload, we went to the Kelong and witness the feeding session for Cobia and Tiger Grouper. Oh there are lobsters in the Kelong too...but it seems that lobster feeds on the crap that flow around in the sea and do not need feeding (they are omnivorous scavengers...same as Cockroaches).

After the feeding session, climb up onto the Kelong to witness how the nets are lower and rise. On a good night the high power lamp is able to attract up to 800 kg of fishes. These fishes are then used to feed the fishes in the fish farm. On a bad night, the lowest record is 8 kg.

After the tour, enjoy a good meal of Nasi Lemak and Otah (from this otah factory) and drinks before leaving the Kelong to Singapore.

This Kelong tour will be categorised under both educational tours and Farm/Nursery tours.

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Can we fish at kelong?

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