Saturday, March 6, 2010

An insight into a world I never know exist - Draft

This post has nothing to do about traveling or places I have been. Rather, it is about three person I have met over a function (I am invited by association only) a few days ago.

The conversation between them reminds me of a world beyond our world, where nothing is impossible (lifted from a movie call Swordfish). The first speaker is an inventor of metal treatment product. The second speaker is a COO of a large Company in Singapore; the Company is as famous and as rich as the 3 main banks of Singapore. The last speaker is a financial broker that has rule the Nikki index for years (not verified by me yet.)

Now you are wondering why I am putting it in this blog.

Well this blog is about highlighting product or places that offer products that are value for money or at least are educational. This conversation (I am just a listener, my only contribution is only a sentence) serves just that. The information is educational and if you care to use, the products are definitely value for money. I also post this before I forget the conversation.

The first speaker invents a form of metal treatment oil (it being derive from petroleum) that can guarantee the following:-

1) Retards in-situ rusting of machineries (in layman terms, a bicycle if not use for a long time will rust away, this prevent that);

2) Reduce the friction of moving parts by 80% (in layman terms, you save on petrol and maintenance. A new vehicle saves 10% petrol for full tank, an old vehicle save 20% and above. This is applicable to your home fan, fridge or anything with your shaver) and

3) Increase the range of working temperature for engines (not relevant in Singapore, but try starting an engine left over-night under -20 degree Celsius and your engine will not start immediately. Treatment with this oil will allow immediate engagement.);

Btw, I have used and can verified that all of it is true (at least the saving in petrol for my buses say it is true).

Speaker one pointed out that not only does his product save a lot of money, the efficiency of engines translate directly to cleaner environment due to:-

1) Cleaner emission (just look at the black smoke emitted by old cars);

2) Less consumption of non-renewable resources (you need to pump less to travel further) and

3) allow smaller engines to be built (engine has higher heat tolerance for the same capacity)

As a direct beneficiary of his product, I nod my head throughout this whole conversation =p.

The second speaker (the COO) company has mining interest in Indonesia which uses the first speaker product and swears by it. However, what make his input notable in this conversation is not his testimonial to speaker one but about health care.

In almost all instances when anybody except doctors talks about cures, my mind will switch off. This must be another conman. However, I take note of what he is saying because he has a big reputation to protect and the service he is talking about has nothing to do with his role as COO, just a casual talk about something he has come across and force to use.

Everyone knows what cancer is. I am not a doctor, nor can I comment too much on it. However, this COO mentioned that he has use a treatment that last 3 months that can cure cancer without the need of painful chemo or radiation treatment. As long as the patient got > 3 months to live, full cure is almost certain.

This wake me up (this dinner is ending and a full meal always make me sleepy) as all of us have friends or relatives that are dying of cancel or have died of cancer (in fact, my wife has a student that died of cancer). So when clutching at straws, whatever that works yar?

Then the bucket of cold water come, for a patient already with cancer, the cost of the treatment is $1million. For those with weak immune system or showing sign of getting cancer in the future at least $300k to prevent the onset of cancel. You will need to undergo full health checkup in any hospital in Singapore (cost about $400) to ascertain your body status before the treatment can be tailored for you.

By the way this treatment is suitable for a lot of disease, it primary purpose is to restore the body immune system and restore the body imbalance which result in cancer, diabetes and whatever illness in the first place.

The theory is some illness cannot be cured because the underlying body condition has not changed. Whatever that causes the cancer or diabetes condition is still there. Example, removal of cancel cells is useless as the body condition is still suitable for cancer growth.

Only by resetting the body condition will the cancer cells die off naturally (no need drugs or radiation) and prevent a remission because the body environment is no longer suitable for cancel cells growth.

Amazing insight yar? Instead of removing or killing the cells, why not just remove the underlying state that promote cancer cells in the first place.

The last speaker is a financial expert and is a venture capitalist. He is so bored with life (a trader life is boring) that he is giving free advise on financial management. His main contribution is a system that he has invented that is supposed to help the normal citizen achieve financial freedom within one lifetime. I shall not elaborate on it as such system has not been verified by me and I do not encourage it usage. Earn what you deserve, no more; no less is the best bet. However, my associate did put in some money to know the system (calculated risk).

Now, my only sentence in this whole conversation is this. Speaker one, you have the power to save all the machines in the world, speaker two, you have the knowledge that can cure all mankind, speaker three, you have the system that can remove all poverty on earth, if the three of you work together, you guys can rule the world. With my final words, and a good laugh over my sentence, the dinner ends and we disperse.

Cool right?

This post will be classified as part of list of knowledge.


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