Thursday, March 18, 2010

Places I have been :- Top of Blk 6C Margaret Drive

Another part of Singapore history that is about to be removed - Margaret Drive.

Margaret Drive with her Bowling Center used to be a famous and bustling part of Singapore. Now it is awaiting the demolition team to remove the last of the HDB blocks in this area.

Before it goes, I thought that I should climb to the top and take some photos. In this case I accidentally load my camera with a 2 MB card, so I have to resort to my Handphone camera instead. Nevertheless, the view and thus the photos are still fantastic.

Refer to blog which provides a much richer background and desciption to this area than mine.

This location will be based under random places of interest.

Crap:- How come the picture seem bluish...any ideas how to change it?


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