Saturday, December 19, 2009

Objective of this blog

Welcome to Singapore! Many of you know Singapore as the garden city, within which you can find the famous Changi Airport, Zoo and Bird Park. Those places are worth (even compulsory)visiting in Singapore. If you plan carefully, it may take you 3 days to complete most of the attractions.

The purpose of this blog is make Singapore seem less of a transitional city for tourists in ASEAN region. It does this by providing information on locations that are not well-known in Singapore even to Singaporeans. So what locations are we looking out for?

Such locations are mentioned because they are not well-known or published in most websites that promote tourism in Singapore plus they meet any one of the following criterias:

1) The locations have programmes or guides that impart knowledge to visitors. It can be any form of knowledge from bread making to knowing how certain plants can be used as an ingredient for local cuisine to enhancing knowledge about the management and history of Singapore.

2) Provide alternative shopping venues outside the normal shopping centers/retail shops at a huge discount .Or else it will not be worth mentioning, right? Just pop down to your nearby friend NTUC supermarket...

3) The owner/management is opened to the concept of allowing visitors (with or without a small entrance fees). This is obvious I suppose, we can't be sneaking in people no matter how good the place seems to be!

In general, we try to find out factories or warehouses that may interest both locals and foreigners because they provide value for money products. Of course, we also need to entice these owners that it is worth their while. So people kindly spread the word about this blog and give comment about the warehouse or factory that you have visited. This will give us more clout to service you the reader and supporter of this blog.

As this blog grows, some readers have commented that instead of just providing good locations, there are many product and services out there that are value for money. After due considering I have decided to include several products that I have come across that produce concrete results and are value for money in whatever they do. I will use the products listed before hand to ascertain their results. Products listed must fit the following objectives:-

1) Value for money
2) It must be a cut above the rest in whatever value it provides
3) I must be personally able to use and test it

As a user of this blog, if there are anything that will make this blog more useful to you, be it blog design, style of writing, grammar mistake or more detail write up, please comment in any page. I will follow up.

Last but not least, in some of the locations I have introduced in this blog, I like everyone else have to pay the relevant entrance fees (abeit at a cheaper rates), please do not get frustrated by the ads that I have placed in this blog. Of cos, you will be doing this blog which is serving you right now, a great favour by clicking those ads that just may interest you. The funds will help in introducing more and more places that will make your stay in Singapore truely unique!


oceanskies79 said...

Thank you for putting me on your blog roll. I hope you won't mind that I add you to mine. Keep up your good work to share the less well-known places in Singapore.

Richard Yap said...

Nope I dont't mind. I read your blog as long as there are updates. Thank you for the ideas and places you have shared!

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