Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas and Chinese New Year Shopping Tour - Chocolate Room (Part 6)

Okay, Christmas is just round the corner folks! If you have not make your Christmas purchase,there is no time to waste in thinking what to buy! Well, what gifts there are fail safe (almost)? Foods like Chocolate of cos.

Allow me to introduce Chocolate room situated in Defu. It is operated by one of the largest Chocolate distributor in Singapore, Cocoa Tree. The chocolate room is not a huge warehouse, however, within it little belly, the owner has stored almost every kind of chocolate imaginable (mid range type and below). Eg include M&M, Belgium chocolate, Waffles, Tofe, Kiss, etc.

At the end of the day, esp for those with diabetics, please control yourself...Take a look at the buying frenzy in the pictures below. A great way to control your sugar level is by drinking tea and exercising more.

This tour is classified under warehouse tours.

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view of cocoa tree room

guest wowing at the cocoa tree room
Product Kagi Cocount
dark Kit Kat Chocolate
Geisha Chocolate
Kinder bueno chocolate
Ferrero Collection Chocolate
Golden Toffles

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