Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hollywood Dino Tour Review

Hollywood dino Tour is in town at Jurong bird Park. Today together with a group of residents from Hougang we made our way to Hollywood at Dino after visiting choc room and a tour of Fire station. We joined the guided tour and was given a quick commentary on the different type of dinosaurs found in the park.

Just before we reach a artificial cave, there are 2 compounds filled with sands with dino bones hidden in it. It seem to be a great attraction to children as they play with the sand while digging for bones.

In a cave, we saw several static and moving dinosaurs, there is a moving bridge that way left and right. In additional the atmosphere is made very humid and hot by some water fogging machine.

The duration of the tour is just about 30 minutes even with phototaking and slow walk. Personally, I felt that the concept may be good, however, the number of dinosaurs is too little and the floor area is just too small.
Front view of Hollywood Dino Entrance
dinosaur live size model
dinosaur live size model
dinosaur live size model
dinosaur live size model

Booking is not required.
Available until 21 Feb.