Thursday, February 11, 2010

Herbalsys Organic Herbal Tea (Product Introduction)

Nothing is more important than health. In Singapore eating food is our national past times and travelling come a close second.

Having pour diet together with lack of exercise and your lucky draw in genetics will increase a person chances of getting type 2 diabetes.

Suffering from diabetes will result in several signs and symtoms such as fatigue, change of vision, thirst, neuropathy (nerves damage), etc. For people already with this condition, it is vital to have a good control of blood sugar balance. However, higher level of blood sugar cannot be avoided during meal times.

Lagerstroemia Speciosa (Queen tree) leaves have been shown to be effective ( in controlling blood sugar during meal times. Prolong drinking of tea made from these leaves may result in improvement in blood sugar level after 2 months.

Herbalsys a Singapore registered company(Reg: 200503485Z) has imported the leaves and has repackaged it as herbal tea. After drinking it and seeing the positive effects it has on people on diabetes I have decided to promote the product here.

Herbalsys is so confident of her product that money back is gurantee if there are no marked improvement in blood sugar level 2 months after drinking the tea (To be eligible you need to purchase 2 or more set of 30 satchets).  We do not really care for evidence actually. Just ask for refund and it will be refunded.

In order to cut cost for regular customers (90% of client are repeated customers), the Company has decided to do away with packaging, instead the satchets are vacuum sealed and then heat sealed in normal plastic bag.

From the date of this post, we have had several enquires. However, alot of users have expressed a wait and see attitude. Diabetes is a accumulative disease, as in the damage from either medication or from the disease is accumulated over time (the details please consult your friendly GP). As such, to create a sense of urgency, I have decided to do the following for this particular product.

A) The price will per package of tea will increase by $2 until I decided it is beyond the means of most people. At that point (maybe a few months or years), the price will reset to a price I am not sure now.
B) The price you purchase at that point in time will remains forever.
C) The money back guarantee will still hold true regardless of the amount you pay.
Detailed information
Product name:- Herbalsys Organic Herbal Tea
Number of satchet in a package:- 30
Cost:- $25 + 2 per package
Who is suitable:- Everyone accept pregnant woman and children aged 5 and below
Ingredients:- Queen Tree leaves and cat whiskers
A) Within Singapore:- Free with purchase of 2 set of 30 satchets or more else a delivery charge of $15 applies. DO NOT use the paypal button. Contact us at for booking.

B) Overseas delivery:- Depend on prevailing oversea delivery charge and urgency of delivery. You will be advised of the total charges involved. Contact us at to finalise charges. Payment by paypal in advance is required.

C) Refund Policy:-
1) Applicable only to users that reside in Singapore or for oversea users, you need to bare the cost of telegraphic transfer,
2) Applicable only to users that purchase at least 2 sets of 30 satchets,
3) Refund must be requested within 3 months of purchase,
4) Original cash receipt given on the day of purchase must be furnished. Any tempering of the cash receipt will render the receipt void.

All payments will be supported by offical receipts and invoices can be furnished if necessary.

Attached are some of the bronchurs that I have gotten from them.

This product is listed under product for sales.


Alfredo said...

"In Singapore eating food is our national past times and travelling come a close second."

I'll definitely have to go to Singapore soon!

Richard Yap said...

Haha yes you should. Its national day and Youth Olympic Game soon, it is a exciting time here!

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