Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fu Chen warehouse tour

My next introduction is related to birds; specifically, bird nest.

To the Chinese, Bird nest soup is a delicacy. It is suppose to smooth your skin, improve circulation, etc.

Fu Chen processes the bird nest from Indonesia and makes it into either soup or sells it in a nest form.

What make Fu Chen a great place to visit is because it is very experience in receiving tour groups. As such, it knows how to take care of participants. This includes steps for old folks when alighting from buses, KTV session, free bird nest Jelly for sampling and lucky draw.

The guide will also give a detail speech on bird nest and their usage.

Bird nest and its harvesting is really a profession by itself. E.g. type of swift, type of nest, how to clean it, how to drink it, when to drink can gather a lot of knowledge about bird nest here.

Should I include it as part of educational tours?

This tour is categoried under warehouse tours.

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