Friday, February 12, 2010

Educational Tour - Japanese Occupation Series - Part 2 - Ford Factory

After the decision was made to surrender at Battle Box, the General and his staff went over to Ford Factory to negotiate the British army surrender with the Japanese Imperial Army.

Actually at that point in time, both the British and Japanese armies were both short of resources such as water and ammunition.

However, British has the upper hand as there are twice as many Allied troops as compare to the Imperial Army. Like a poker game, the Japanese play tough bluff and won the game. In this case, the superior British Army surrenders unconditionally.

After the surrender, the British staffs walk from Ford Factory along Bukit Timah to Changi prison. I am sure not many Singaporeans have walked that far before.

Let me give you some basic history of Ford Factory. Ford Factory was a car assembly factory for cars in Asia. Subsequently it became an assembly for fighters plane and then Japanese high command office. After that, it was not in use for some time as it until it was renovated to become a WWII gallery.

At Ford Factory, one could see plantation that grows popular plants that are sources of food during World War II, a movie theatre that depicts what happen during those times and a gallery that show several relics from the national archive.

When I am writing this post, I am listening to a music from Avatar over the net (Destruction of the Home tree) it suit the mood when writing this 3 series.

This tour is categorised as part of educational tours.

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a bill board viewing from the road saying Ford Factorya pathway up to the main gate of Ford Factorya sign in Chinese welcoming all to the Ford Factorysome sculpture asking for peacesign directory to different parts of Ford Factorydifferent parts of Ford FactoryNumber games requiring war history knowledgeMovie theatre in Ford Factory screening history of war in Singaporebombing of Singaporeentrance to the gallery, Syonan years Singapore under Japanses Occupation 1942-1945sculpture of humansChinese who donated generously to China war effortI am not sure what it is. It is either a grinder or a pumpSignboard asking us to take history as lessonOutside of the Ford Factorygardens growing food eaten by Singaporeans under Japanese occupation - Bamboosgardens growing food eaten by Singaporeans under Japanese occupation - Bamboosafter the pain, we are looking our free blue sky. To be forever free!


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