Thursday, February 18, 2010

Farm Tour:- Animal Resort

Everyone knows about the famous Singapore Zoo. However, do you know there is actually an animal resort in Singapore?

Animals in the Animal Resort are smaller in size but big in cuteness as compare to the Zoo. You can see hamsters, rabbits, bald head eagle (I may be wrong about this bird name), horse, peacocks, ducks, geese and dogs!

Better still, unlike Zoo you can have close encounters with the animals including feeding them!

To purchase the feeds for the animals + entrance fee it will cost you $3.5 dollars.

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banner showing Animal ResortGeese walking along pavewaygeese staring curiously at camerabig ugly bald head birdpeacock in his full splendorpeacock showing his backsideIs this ostrich?horse waiting for foodsmall little goatflamingosrabbitrabbitwhite rabbitsbaby rabbits

duck swimming in  pond

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laydiee_hannah said...

I had organized a school visit to The Animal Resort for my childcare centre. Prior to the visit, I had always felt that the person-in-charge (name to be undisclosed here) to be rather impolite everytime we communicated.

Throughout the visit, my opinion of her remained as I felt she was rather rude at times. I felt she totally lacked basic communication skills being someone catering such services to visitors of the public.

The place is not well-maintained. I could understand that keeping the animal resort in its authentic way is important for children to see its natural state. However, it is another to show that there are no efforts of maintaining the place. The furniture, 'stage', pond, amongst other things were not well-maintained. There were the animal feed scattered everywhere which looked like they have been around for days if not weeks. Even the horse there who was injured at the time of visit had flies all around its face while the children were feeding it. What was most unpleasantly astonishing was the condition of the toilets. There were only 2 cubicles, which were not catered to children as they were those of the squatting type. Halfway through our visit, it poured very heavily. When we made a visit to the toilet, we were shocked to see that there was grossly form of water containing faeces overflowing out of both the toilet holes, and basically the toilet was a mess. I am unclear if the toilet had chocked, or if it was somehow caused by the rain (for whatever reason), but I am very positive that this was not the first time it happened and that the management did not look into improving the condition of the toilet.

I had actually visited The Animal Resort around 5 years back and found that not only was there no improvement thus far, but am disappointed to know that it has deteriorated drastically in terms of facilities and service. I strongly do not recommend a visit to this place, not only unless you are looking for a very cheap alternative to the zoo or other animal farms.

Richard Yap said...

Hi Hannah Thanks for the feedback, I will pass the message to the caretaker.

I understand the complain about the lady. To be honest, I felt the same way when we first met. In the end after years of dealing with her, it is just her way of communication, do not take it too hard. She speak to everyone including her family and friends the same way.

However, I believe the toilet is only temporary down as the caretaker and her family also use it as a household toilet.

The horse got eye infection (cure now)and skin infection (Vet still looking at it) that attract flies.

Unfortunately, the government has banned all import of animals and the resort can only replenish animals through natural birth.

So visit this place while you can to feed the animals found in the kampong days before even this last bastion of our past disappear forever.

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