Friday, February 12, 2010

Educational Tour - Japanese Occupation Series - Part 1 - Battle Box

I am not sure if it is a good time to include World War II series being Chinese New Year and everything. On the other hand, the Japanese occupation of Singapore (link to Amazon Adv) happened on 15 Feb 1942, it always pays to be vigilant.

Enemies do not care what festivals we are celebrating now do they? It is imperative that we educate our young as soon as possible the need for National Service and understand that time is not always peaceful.

I am quite confident the majority of us are going to enjoy this coming Chinese New Year. For the followers of this blog, you should have already amassed truck loads of cheap goodies and stuff...enough for 2 Chinese New Year. At least I do.
This Japanese Occupation series is going to ultimately consist of
1) Singapore high command Bunker (Battle Box) :- We decide to surrender here (See description below)
2) Ford Factory :- We surrender here
3) Changi Chapel:- The generals who surrender were kept as POWs here.
4) Kranji War Memorial:- The soldiers who died are honoured here.

I am sure there are many more sites relevant to the Japanese Occupation. Feel free to tell me about it and I will include it here once I have the chance to visit the site. Also I will expand the list as and when I come across anything. So your feedbacks and comments are highly valued!

Right now we shall start with what was a Singapore high command Bunker, now it is called Battle Box. Battle Box is an underground bunker situated in Fort Canning (link to Amazon Adv), It was the place where General Percival ultimately make the decision to surrender to the Japanese.

Inside the Battle Box, you can see robots (dress like the various key players) act out their thought process in coming to the decision to surrender. You can also marvel at relics that have been unearthed at the very site you are standing on. This includes relics such as clothing, helmets and love letters to love ones. Also included are hatchets for emergency escape and pumps to recycle air.

The Battle Box is categorised as part of educational tours.

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entrance to The Battle Boxnews article on war planningA signaler working on some transmitterA long and deep corridor in The Battle BoxThe Generals having some meetingLooking at mock up in situation roomMeeting of the generalsPoster asking secrets to be kept under hatPOster saying we deserve vicotryeither a air or water filtration systemA book about comfort woman in waruniform and helmets wore by the Britishrobot of a soldier in The Battle BoxPoster seeking recruitment into the NavyPoster asking to keep MUM like DadAdvsing people to save for warPicture showing uniform of enemyhidden exit of The Battle Box


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