Monday, October 25, 2010

Educational tour - Chinese Opera + food

Recently, I have discovered a very interesting location in Singapore. A Chinese Opera mini-museum. Situated right next to Malay Heritage center, it also symbolise the ability of how different race in Singapore can co-exist in harmony and provide a one stop cultural exchange center for vistors visiting Singapore.
Chinese Opera: Images and Stories
The museum is situated above a classy restaurant with a nice ambeviance that focus on prize to those who guess correctly...Chinese Opera.

With a minimal fee, guest will be brief on the different aspect of Chinese Opera and its progression through history in Singapore. Also learn about what some of the tools of the trade are.

The picture posted here is lousy as I forget to bring my camera along when I visited some readers are well aware..I am a very hare brain person.

A quick notice to readers, I am partcipating in the Singapore Subaru Challenge 2010...if I manage to pass the lucky draw stage. So there may be a lack in posting time.

This tour will be classified as part of Educational Tour.

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