Monday, October 11, 2010

Place I have been - Filming of bridal shots at Sand Village

It has been an interesting two weeks. Recently, the owner of and has approached me in allowing them access to take some bridal photos at our Sand Depository Company.

It is an interesting idea that such location can be used as a good location shot for your wedding album. I decided to post here to let those unwed to have a new location to consider when their turn come.

Oh by the way, there are alot of photos but copyrighted are held by the owner, I can only post some photos here as I have left the shoot halfway.

The model is from Russia, this is my first close up look on a model. It is futile for mortals like us to compare against their poise and gracefullness. I remember during one scene when the photographer is reviewing his shots, a minder ask the model to relax her pose. Her reply was "I am not posting, I am just standing"


Unknown said...

I would like to know where is this pic taking at?

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