Friday, August 20, 2010

Educational Tour - Philatelic Museum

I have a love of stamps (links to Amazon Adv)since my Dad handed down to me his old collection stamps from the 1960s. My fervor for them was further fanned when I have the opportunity to visit the stamp vault where those old stamps or misprinted stamps are kept in Sing Post.

Learning from the person in charge the work that went into making a stamp, the collaboration between Heritage board, artist, printer and Post office, I believe that every single stamp is worth more than the value stamped on the surface.

Vintage Postal Marks Rubber Stamp Set By Cavallini & Co.A stamp is not just a ticket for your letter, a stamp represent a country; most if not all stamps cover tell a story. It can be about an icon of the country, a great man that lives or used to live in that country or some cultural aspect of the country that is thought to be a good representation of the country. In order to do this, the varieties of stamps can boggle your mind. There are stamps that have smell, stamps that are 3D,postal stamps that have edges, no edges, metal print, etc...

Royal Wedding 2011, Stamp First Day CoverBecause of this, let me introduce you guys to Singapore Philatelic Museum. You can buy first day cover, old stamps and international stamps all from the Singapore Philatelic Museum. What more, you could learn some of the process that are involved in making stamps and how stamps play an important role in the history of mankind. If you are a keen collector, learn about the hierarchy of stamp collectors that you can aspire to rise up to!

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