Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farm Tour :- Prawn Fishing

This is not a farm tour per se. It is prawn fishing in Punggol Marina Country Club. Recently, I was invited to have a tour of Punggol Marina Country Club and to introduce it as one of the venue for visitation.

The thing that caught my attention is the large prawn fishing ground available. They charge a rate of $15 for first hour, $25 for second hour and $30 for three hour. As far as I can understand, once the prawn are caught, you could BBQ it over the pit (no rental charge, but need to pay BBQ start up kit-$2).

Apart from Prawn fishing, there are water sports such as water jet, take a boat ride around Singapore, Karaoke and other stuff.

I am not technically correct in putting this under farm tour. However, a prawn traditionally are grown in farms, I shall put it under farm tour.

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