Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Places I Have been - Durian Tour

Singaporeans love their durians. I am quite confident the majority of Singaporeans have purchased and eaten durians before. However, a recent quick enquiry on a coach during one of the night tours have shown that most have not enjoyed eating durian at the durian store directly.

Below, I have posted some photos of the joy we have had during our feasting of durians at one of the stalls along Sim ave. In the photos below, we are at Chin Yong Fruits Trading - Durian King. A little tibits, the boss has retired and has handled over the stall to his daughter who is about the same age as me!

What are the joys/advantages of eating at the stall directly? 

1) You got unlimited durians and many many varieties of them to boot.
2) These durians are not light and are a chore to carry back home (how many can you carry anyway).
3) If you are using public transport, you will be banned as the smell is repulsive to some.
4) You do not need to clean up the durian shells after eating.
5) If the fruits you purchased at bad, you can immediately asked for a change.
6) It is a great joy to see so many people (strangers or otherwise) enjoying their durians and observe the Geylang traffic crawling in front of you!

This place will be categorised under random places I have been to.


Unknown said...

I sadly belong to the group that hasn’t experienced a Durian at a Durian store. However, I plan to do so next time I check into one of the hotels in Singapore.

Richard Yap said...

Try it....before such stores are phased out...or ban

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