Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random Places I have been - Lasalle College of the Arts

Recently, I was having dinner at a restaurant near Princep Streets when I took the opportunity to visit Lasalle College of the Arts.

I have always wanted to visit this building as the building itself seem to be an work of art. I am not disappointed. When I stepped into the College, it seems like a giant gallery towering over me. Staring at me are all the tutorial rooms, exhibition rooms or labs full length windows. From the ground floor, it seems that every rooms contain some art pieces that are being prepared to be presented to the world. It seems that every rooms have in store some surprises for every visitors as long as you want to come in.

As a stranger to the building, I find the walkways, stairways and art gallery corridors both fun and is like what can I expect to find at the next turn?

This is definitely a nice place to go. If anyone reading this blog has accessed to the depths of Lasalle, please bring me along. Now I will just put it under random places of interest. Hopefully, I can upgrade it to be part of educational tour soon!

This location will be classified...for now at least under Random places I have will be upgraded soon, so keep a look out at this page!


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