Friday, September 3, 2010

Places I have been - Singapore City Tour Pass

31st August 2010 marked the official launch of the Singapore City Pass, which saw its soft launch in early August. I had the honour of being one of the invited guests to witness this historical moment for City Tours. This hassle-free and user friendly SmartTapTag is about the size of my thumb, which really is not big. Its price ranges, after a discount of up to 45%, between S$20 to S$50, depending on the package/places that the visitors select.

At the moment, it has 8 places of interest and 2 F&B partners and a 6-sectioned pamphlet guide. Though it is small in size, it bears quite a lot of information such as bus rides via FunVee Hopper Open Top City Tour Bus (eye-catching orange open-top bus), admission to places of interest, food or beverages vouchers, gift vouchers etc.

Once the visitors reach their destination, using it is as easy as tapping it at the gate or ticket booth, pretty much like using the e-z link card. Thus, this small bundle of joy is not just convenient to use, but also save money while enjoying the fun. Purchasing it can be a click online via their website (, a phone call away or you can drop by their retail outlets either at Esplanade or Singapore Flyer.

We end our trip at the Dolphin Lagoon and have a wonderful time there...and of cos the nice refreshment helps!
I think moving forward, it will be great if the pass allow priority access (after all we have paid for the entrance fee ) instead of queuing up again to get the tickets like the others non-pass holders.


oceanskies79 said...

I am envious. How did you get invited to the launch of the Singapore City Pass?

Richard Yap said...

Was inform through email of this event. So I feel that it may be interesting, so I just participate.

Matthew Fong said...

stay AWAY from the Singapore City Pass and FunVee. My family purchased the 3-day city pass and was disappointed in the lack of truth to the advertising

1) their 2-way transfer to Universal Studios is a LIE. They claim a 2-way transfer is actually only ONE-way. 2-way refers to the pickup from your hotel to their location and then from their location to Universal Studios. You have to find your own way back. (Note that there is a FREE shuttle that goes DIRECT from many of the larger hotels to Sentosa--all you need is to bring your foreign passport.) City Pass's USS transfer option is worthless.

2) The 3 included city tours (night tour, duck tour, and marina bay) tour are simply a bus that drives you from their pickup location to Marina Bay, and China Town, there is no "tour" per say. They claim it's worth S$60, but I wouldn't pay S$10 for those rides, as it is difficult to get to their pickup locations. You can pay a cab to go direct for cheaper and save time!

3) They advertise on Signapore's offical travel website so some might be under the FAKE belief the City Pass card is associated with the Government of Singapore--it is NOT. Its a MONEY making SCAM run by

4) You still have to WAIT in line to get tickets at most attractions like the Night Safari. The Tap and Go feature is just designed to create confusion with the EZ Subway card

In conclusion, its WAY better to just pick your attractions yourself and buy direct at the front gate. All the good attractions like Universal Studios and the Night Safari rarely have discounts, and if they do, you can usually get them yourself at the gate.

Richard Yap said...

Thanks for the comment from a real user of their services!

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