Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Educational Tour - OpenNet Gallery from IDA Singapore

A lot of Singaporean has received the letter from OpenNet, regarding permission to enter their houses to install OpenNet point. Sadly, a lot of senior citizens are not aware of this initiative and have refused the technicians entry. When your house is first schedule for installation, the first 15m is free. If you have rejected the initial installation, it will cost you at least $200.

In view of the above, IDA's Next Generation Services Development has set up a gallery to educate the public on the uses of next generation fiber optics network.

It can be from home such as playing network games to home office to monitoring of kids. It can be from office where life size round table meeting can be held. It can also be from bio-medical industry where doctors can scan and review x-rays over distance or MRI scan or perform remote operations.

Actually with such high bandwidths, what can be done with network is up to your imagination, from monitoring maids to conquering the world.

This gallery is well suited to senior citizens on how OpenNet can help to monitor their well-being and care; it also allays their fear on this new technology.

The photos are a bit my faithful blog followers will means I have forgotten to bring my camera out with me...I used my poor handphone to take.

By the way, this tour is fully guided...else not many people will understand just what is happening...

This will be categorised as part of educational tour.

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