Saturday, January 2, 2010

Garden Tour Series 3 part (A break from CNY series) - Part 1 - Dairy Farm Park

Singapore is well-known as a garden city. There are many new parks sprouting around Singapore which many people are not aware off.

Therefore, I will delegate part of my blog to interesting/new gardens around Singapore. I feel that this is also inline with the government initiative to build more part and Park connectors network (PCN).

A) What can one see in Dairy Farm Park?

You can observe different flora and fauna plants normally found in Bukit Timah. This includes plants such as elephant plant, yam, rain tree and durian tree. Animal such as eagle, monkeys, earthworm, dragonflies, heron, etc can also be commonly observed.

At the end of the trek one can have a paranormic view of the old quarry from the bottom (we are almost walking on water). A picture speaks a thousand words. Take a look at the picture below.

B) Is it a difficult walk?

No. The road are pave by tar and the gradient is gentle (which in my opinion actually remove some of the charm of the place). The whole to and fro journey will take about 60 minutes.

C) What is the nearest car park?

Carpark B is the nearest car park. Car park A leads to other park of Bukit Timah Trails + it has toilet. So please drop off at A for a toilet break before driving to B.

Dairy Farm is classified as part of Garden Tours.

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