Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Educational Tour - ArtScience Museum

Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern WorldEver wonder how goods are transported before the start of air travel? Have you heard of the Belitung Shipwreck? Do you know who that Genghis Khan and his sons rule the largest land based empire for a time? If you are interested in the answer, it is time to visit ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands.

There are a total of 23 galleries in the Artscience Museum. The top floor is for the permanent exhibits which showcase several important scientific discoveries over the centuries. It seeks to showcase how both art and science are ideas that are born out of expression of human curiosity and inspiration.

The basement currently held the Silk road and shipwreck exhibits. Loitering in the exhibits bring me back hundred of years into the past where traders, soldiers and missionaries traverse ten of thousand kilometers of land in search of their dream. Along the route we can see how different markets cities have different type of markets that showcase their own brand of civilisation.

The Belitung shipwreck, continuing from the Silk Road showcases the large variety of goods that already exist in the past. Strangely I feel a certain sadness that the owner of the ship has already completed the tougher part of the voyage and was on the way back, however, a stroke of bad luck to him had make his misfortune a great gift to our generation.

The last exhibits - Genghis Khan showcase the life story of this legendary conqueror, the country he lives in and his style of management and battle tactics. Walking through the exhibits make me feel that right or wrong changes in time. Is it right or wrong to slay hundred of thousands to ensure peace for millions? Answer that yourself while you are there.

Well a picture speaks a thousand words. Enjoy the photos below.

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Main lobby of ArtScience Museum

Entrance to the Silk Road Gallery

The route travellers took in the days of Silk Road

Camels are the main mode of transport in tohse days

Silk Making loops

A busy market place

Unanswered questions about the Belitung shipwrecks

Gold bowl


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