Monday, February 14, 2011

Garden Tour - Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Just before the Chinese New Year shopping rush, I was introduce to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden by a afterschool care center.

This Garden is tout to be Asia first children's garden. As quoted from them, it is designed around the theme "all life on Earth Depend on plants".

To enter the Garden, you must be 12 or below and accompanied by a adult. Inside there is mini wooden bridge, tunnel slide, pond with 2 black swans (by the way there is a book entitled Black Swan which is a good read),a large ground for families to hold picnic and a sensory garden similar to the sensory park at Toa Payoh.

I felt that it is a great place to spend the morning with your wards and for family to relax and have fun with their kids in a safe environment.

Parents and teachers, do your own homework on the place and you could just manage to impact a life time of interest in life science to your kids through the many interesting flora, fauna and artificial construct there!

This location will be classified under garden tour.

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