Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warehouse Tour - Song Fish

A lot of the Frozen fish warehouse I have introduced to you guys are opened only during Chinese New Year period. However Song fish is opened for the whole year during business hours and is one of the larger Frozen fish company in Singapore.

I should have blog about this place long ago...but well with so many seafood companies around; I cannot remember which of them I have blog about. Well, thanks to a reader from National University of Singapore, I shall remedy that.

Song Fish is situated at Jurong Fishery Road, during CNY, apart from the Frozen fishes, it also sells drinks, dried seafood like fish maw and sauces making it a one stop place for CNY shopping.

It frozen seafood included snow fish, salmon, lobster, shell fish, grouper and many other type of edible fishes at a very low cost. Enough said, take a look at the pictures below.

This location will be classified under warehouse series.

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Richard Yap said...

Just an update, Song Fish no longer sell to public except on Sun after 3pm.

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