Sunday, June 5, 2011

Place I have been - Ion Sky park

After visiting the dazzling heights of MBS Skypark, we have another Sky park in Singapore - Ion Sky. Situated on the 55 floor of Orchard Ion, this park promise a bird eyes view of Singapore heartland such as Bukit Timah, Alexandra and Macritchie reservoir.

The Ion sky park view is different from MBS. Compare the photos between MBS and Ion Sky below and see the differences. Other differences are
1) Ion Sky is totally air-conditioned! So no danger of winds blowing you off the roof;
2) Ion Sky is totally sheltered. No need to bring umbrella in the first place!
3) It is smaller than MBS skypark.
4) The Ion park is opened by Cloud observatory club, so geography teachers interested in teaching students about clouds should pay Ion Sky a visit!

Personally, I feel that I would love to feel the flutter of the wind on my face at such great heights!

At the bottom of the park, I discover that there is a free entry art gallery. I have also taken some of the photos and attached them below. To go to the sky park, you need to purchase a $16 tickets or the not so friendly security guard may just boot you out!

Since there are several educational information on clouds and their formation, I am happy to include location as part of random places and place it under educational category.

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