Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Educational Tour - NTU Bio-Science Lab

I am sorry for not updating this blog recently. I have obtained another book assignment with a short deadline. Suffice to say it was hell writing it and I have aged ten years.

 For my own career development and to provide better services, I have signed up a tour guide course, so posting will not be regular. But be assure, I will continue to post new, hard to find places as soon as I see them.

NTU is one of the top Government University in Singapore. The campus itself is largely opened to public, although not a tourist place, there are still several highlights that may interest visitors.

This include
1)  NTU Chinese Heritage -showcases migrants of Chinese and explores the philosophy of what makes a person a Chinese,
2)Nanyang Lake - a Historical site,
3) the different food in the different Halls Canteen and
4) inside access to the Bio-science labs where new frontiers in knowledge are being pursue.

In this visit, a NTU professor explains to the students on the world of microbiology, DNA sequencing and career path of a microbiology scientist.

After the 2 hour presentation, students are invited to visit the School of Bio science labs. One lab showcase the use of living organism to provide power while the other one showcase how microbiologists use the lab to investigate or analysis different life form.

This tour will be classified under Educational Tours.

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Lecture in one of the LTs by Professor

Two rows of laboratories on either side

A workbench of a mircobiologist

n eye wash apparatus for chemical spillage into the eyes

A lab testing of substance in common food

Tools of Trade - Beakers and measuring cylinders

A UV Box. Design to kill of unwanted life forms

A centrifuge machine to seperate substances using sedimentation principle

Presentation of Certificate


Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog, and i find it very interesting and helpful.

I would like to know more about this particular educational tour (NTU- Bio Science Lab). If you dont mind i would like to seek answers to my questions:-
1. What is the minimum age limit for this program?
2. What is the duration of this whole program?
3. Is it possible to arrange a Campus tour with an open house (Academic/admissions) session?
4. What is the cost of this program?

I am one of the promoters of a educational tour company for school children, and i am looking for some one to help me to find out the best and similar programs and workshops for school children in the reputed universities of singapore.

I look forward to your reply. I have sent the same request to you over the mail.

Kind Regards,
Nikkhil Saini

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