Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Educational Tour - Wan Qing Yuan

Wan Qing Yuan was a place where Dr Sun Yat Sen stayed when he setted up Tong Men Hui in Singapore.

If you are like me, with no clue on the important role Dr Sun Yat Sen played in the modern day Chinese revolution from old Imperial culture or his role in WWII effort (maybe I should include this place as part of WWII series too!) against Japanese in China and Wan Qing Yuan colourfull history, you should visit Wan Qing Yuan.

Situated along Ah Hood road, it has recently been renovated and is again opened to public.

Inside the museum you will learn about the history of China revolution, WWII, various effort undertook by Dr Sun in finding Nationalist China, his role in Xinhai revolution.

Apart from the nice exhibits and the peaceful garden (now that the free entrance is over...I guess it will be peaceful once more), one thing that stick with me is the revolutionary wait for putting 3 timeline for the same event in different locations together.

 It is easier to observe how events in different location can advance either independently or dependently of each other. During a time where Telegram is the main mode of communication, we can already see time is of the essence and feel the urgency of the situation.

Other exhibits that stick to me are the newspaper clipping. It shows case the importance of newspaper media and how life must still go on despite the war. Just that instead of headline news on dead bodies at Bedok Reservoir, it will be how many sailors or warships were sunk in the Straits of Malacca.

I will classify this place as part of educational tour.

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