Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Educational Tour - Pastamania Kitchen Tour

To Educators and Parents! - Worksheets for this location are available. To purchase, please proceed to Worksheets and Companion page.

Pastamania is one of the premier pasta and pizza restaurants operator in Singapore. It begins at Scotts Shopping center and in a short decade has become a household name both in Singapore and the surrounding region.

Pastamania has kindly consent to let out some of the magic of the pizza making by conducting classes on how Pastamania make such wonderful pizza.

The curriculum of the class is as followed:-

A) Introduction and seminar on history and type of Pizza and Pasta

B) Introduction to common kitchen equipment for making Pizza

C) Learn how yeast and flour are mix to become a dough

D) Hands on experience in flattening the dough and shaping it to make Pizza

E) Apply topping and cheese to your own Pizza in your favourite arrangement

F) The Pizza are put into the Oven

G) Eat your own Pizza!

This tour will be classified as part of educational tour.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I would like to arrange a company tour to visit pastamania kitchen tour on 5 Sep. Can I contact them directly ? Is there any charge ?


Unknown said...

I will like to organise a fieldtrip in Aprilfor our 2-6 years old children, est. 60pax.Kindly have your advise.

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