Monday, March 26, 2012

Educational Tour - Learning Science - Biology and food processing in commercial lab

Have you look at those scientist movies and wonder just what they are doing in the labs? Ever wonder what is the difference between your run off the mill school labs and a commercial scientific lab? Look no further, because such a lab has been found.

Who is suitable to visit the lab?

A) Students from Pre-school - Learn about food safety and why your parents may be right. Students get to appreciate through hands on (simple) activities appreciate the world of the unseen and how they impact our world and health. 

B) Students from Primary schools - Learn about basic food sciences and how food processing can be doctored to smooth your taste buds but harm your livers. Student will also have a chance to use various lab equipment not found in School labs.

C) Tertiary students who want to have a taste of how stuff works for many different types of lab works before deciding on a full time career as a scientist. You will learn about DNA sequencing, food adulteration, lipid testing and many more.

D) Adults who are just curious about anything. Tell us what you want to know and a suitable itinerary can be produced just for you! (min 20 person)

E) Currently  programmes for oversea students to come to Singapore and learn about the different field of science and English in NTU for a two day course is available. The course will include a two hour tour around NTU so feel free to drop us an email if you are interested.

All the above courses are taught by NTU Professors or scientists!

This tour will be classified as part of educational tour.

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