Saturday, April 7, 2012

Product for Sales - Natauravenue Ginger Cream

As you can see from my list of work here, I am also a wholesaler for lifestyle and food products. So to support and I hope I do have your support for the blog, I will blog about my product!

My wife suffers from peeling skins and cracked skins while I suffer from Muscle and backache either from prolong sitting or exercise.

While in Taiwan, I chance upon this ginger extract cream that is make up of almost 99% ginger extract. This is way higher than the ginger extract you see in Watson or Guardian which normally contains less than 1% ginger extract.

I have tried the product and find it wonderful in relieving itchy skin due to rash or bites and marked improvement to my wife skin problem.

 I have decided to bring in some quantity for market research purpose.

As the sale of the product in my buses is overwhelmingly good, I have decided to extent the sale of the product to the general public.

According, I have put up the product for sale at 50% discount from its recommended final retail price of $25 at $10 per bottle for a limited time only.  

The product is maybe removed permanently or if the response continue to be good, at a much higher retail price. So grab it now!

You can purchase the product in G Market under Naturavenue or just click the link on the right of this blog post.

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Nat said...

Hi! if i want to purchase this, how much does it cost including normal mail? I live in sg :)

Richard Yap said...

Hi Nat

It will cost $13 dollars.

Cheap Flights to Singapore said...

The ambiance on an aircraft when I am travelling is one of two things: excitement or your love for flying.

Richard Yap said...

To Cheap Flights...the ambiance on an aircraft for me is either the flight entertainment or my books heehee

Richard Yap said...

To cheap the way the ginger cream is excellent for long flight. It improve blood flow, feel warmth and has a great aroma.

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