Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Factory Tour -Fassler Salmon Factory

[Due to change of management, only warehouse visit is avail - The tour is no longer possible]

To all Chinese, I wish you a very happy Chinese New Year!

This post aims to change the status of Fassler Salmon Factory from the warehouse category to educational and factory category.

For the past one year, the boss Martin and his Ops director Bruno has through their thorough and engaging tour open up many people eyes in the world of Salmon and Sashimi.

The tour will encompass several stations.

1) Descaling station

2) Salting Station

3) Deboning station (Kids can try to see how the seemingly effortless job requires lots of skills)

4) Smoking station (Learn smoke are produced without fire)

5) Slicing station (Kids learn how Fassler satisfy fussy chefs using hand slice and general market using machine slice)

6) Food tasting station (Depending on the mood of the boss, you may get a taste of the raw sashimi free!)

7) Packaging station (This include seeing how mushroom, lobster soups are cooked in huge kitchen and packed)

8) Freezer Tour (Warning! Kids go wild in this place. Experience -14 Degree Celsius environment in Singapore! )

9) Buying - Buy anything you fancy!

This tour is classified under warehouse tours.

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Unknown said...

hi, may i know if the tour still ongoing? i would be having about 20 people with me on an learning tour. pls drop me an email at snowytraveller@gmail.com

thanks in advance

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