Friday, April 1, 2011

Factory and educational Tour - Green Energy Derivation from Used Cooking Oil (Alpha Biodiesel)

Looking back at the nuclear incident in Japan, looking for cleaner and more sustainable energy sources is of paramount importance. I have just visited an used cooking oil (UCO) to diesel recycling plant and is very impress with work and perseverance demonstrated by the founders.

The process is relatively simple; however the cost of production is not cheap. The process is as followed:-

1) Collect UCO from restaurant and households

2) Mix in a reacting tank with methanol and potassium hydroxide (KOH) at around 60 degrees Celsius.

3) Allow the glycerol (can be use to make soap) which is more dense to settle down and drain out.

4) Heat the remaining mixture to remove excess methanol

Do It Yourself Guide to Biodiesel: Your Alternative Fuel Solution for Saving Money, Reducing Oil Dependency, and Helping the Planet5) Filter the mixture(sawdust and resin) and the filtrate is allow to cool of again

6) End product - Diesel

No worries if the above seem quite complex. Participants who join the tour will be given a detail explanation on the whole process through video show, factory tour and lab-scale biodiesel making demo.

This location is classified under both factory and educational category.

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By product from the recycling process-glycerin

Cooling tank for the main recycling plant

Filtration column to remove KOH and methanol

Pipe show the condition of diesel

labs testing different type of method of recycling UCO

Micro refinery


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