Sunday, August 7, 2011

Garden Tour - A hike to HSBC Treetop walk and Jelutong tower

Recently, I have decided to treat myself to a nice hike at MacRitchie Reservoir. The past one month I have been busy with setting up a new business, bringing in a new product (will intro about it at the next post) and with NDP. The past week has bee fruitful but tiring.
A Guide to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
I realised I have not blog about this wonderful place in the past which comes at a surprise to me. The place I am talking about is more like a journey than a place. I shall call it a hike to HSBC Treetop walk and Jelutong Tower.

Starting from MacRitchie (you can also access via Bukit Timah Reserve), it is an approximately 10Km round trip.

Walking inside the forest on a stony path with up and down, surrounding with dancing shadows and beautiful natural (and free) musical you will quickly go into a Zen mood which is both refreshing and even enlightening. If you have problems that you cannot solve, this hike will do you much good in solving it.

I have been to the HSBC Treetop walk many times and is confident of the way. However, to the uninitiated, have no fear as the path is now very clearly parked and scatter at every 500m to 1km, there are sheltered rest points.

The walk at the top of the forest canopy changes every time you are there. The best is when it is slightly cloudy with strong wind. As you stare at the passing clouds making shadows on the forest below you and see the swallows fly around you, you will give thanks that you have found time to be there.

The Jelutong Tower will also give you a breath taking view of the surrounding area and along the way up the tower, you will take away many knowledge about the forest around you.

I have classified this location as part of Garden Tour series.

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