Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Places I have been -Kampong in Buangkok

I first heard about this place from Neil Humphrey - Author of book such as Notes from an even smaller island - and have finally decided to pay it a visit a few days ago.

The Kampong itself is pristine in a sense that it retains it most original flavour and culture. What hit you are the transformation of the area from a HDB sub-urban environment to a really lay back Kampong Village that you swear you will never find it in mainland Singapore.

The walk itself was quite great as it bypass small river streams, lovely archways, beautiful scrubs and bushes. The residents there in general are bemused with the folks walking through their Kampong. Be advise thou, from my quick glance, some of those residents own land and big cars that are parked at their doorways! Base on wiki search, these may be the original landlords that rent out the houses situated in the Kampong to people since the 1960s!


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