Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Warehouse Tour - Malaysia and Japan Exploratory warehouse

It has been some time since I have posted. Well, it can be tough finding new places run by real local entrepreneurs to open up their location for tourist for various reasons.

My purpose of this blog is not really to highlight well-known (I do blog about such places, regardless) but to educate the entrepreneurs the wisdom of opening up and be given not just free advertisement for their goods and services but even be paid while at the same time advertising their products and or services.

This post will be about a new concept store where in collaboration with the Malaysia and Japan authoritativeness, this concept warehouse allows small and medium enterprises to showcase their products in Singapore for a few months.

This allows the different brands to gauge the preference of Singaporeans and hopefully they may be able to re-export their products to the rest of the world through Singapore.

 It may be a surprise to some, given Singapore excellent reputation in food safety, honesty in business dealing and strong judiciary system, product widely used and re-export product enjoy a certain brand premium in many other countries.

The products in the warehouse range from household products to food (such as chips, ice cream, coffee and snack, etc) to even Art pieces. They will only be in Singapore for a short while so everything you buy will be unique or even limited collection!!

This location will be classified under warehouse series.

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albina N muro said...
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Richard Yap said...

Thanks for the nice comment. Unfortunately, due to work commitment, I have slowed down my rate of posting. But I promise by Aug, I will resume posting rate of once per month!

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