Monday, November 22, 2010

Educational Tour:- Singapore Crocodile farm

I have decided to class this tour as educational tour rather as farm tour. The reason being, crocodiles here are no longer farmed for their skin or meat, but for their abilities to draw valuable tourist to this location.

During my visit to this crocodile farm, I was informed on the type, life cycle and feeding habits of the 4 different types of crocodile rear there. One important point that remains with me is that alot of this crocodiles can live up to 100 plus plus years. In fact, some of the crocodiles reared in the farm has been around for more than thirty years. Of course, these are the lucky ones; most of them are slaughter for their skin and meat in the past before they reach their prime.

During the tour, food will be fed to the crocodile and you can witness for yourself, your chances of survivor if you are ever caught in the jaws of one. I reckon it should be the same as winning 4D.

After the feeding session, it is time to visit the old factory where crocodile skins were being process. It is a really labour intensive job.

At the end of the tour, one can wonder around the retail outlet that sell products make of real crocodile skin...guarantee!

This tour will be classified as part of educational tour.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this may be kinda weird to post, but I visited them earlier this year and yea, the place is closed now. Kinda bummed, went there and saw no crocodiles and only an auction to sell off whatever was there

Richard Yap said...

Hi No it is not weird, you are right it has stopped accepting tour grp for at least one year. I guess it is closing down, so thanks for the info.

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