Monday, June 28, 2010

Factory Tour - Cooking Oil by Sime Darby

Readers, I am sorry for the slower post for the month of May and June. I have come to realise School Holiday is more hectic than Chinese New Year!

I am going to introduce to you guys cooking oil factory! Learn how the whole process of how your everyday cooking oil are made. Basically, the process involves cultivating oil palm trees, to harvesting of the fruits, to extracting oil from the fruits.

You will also learn about the benefits of vegetable oil and how to use different cooking oil to cook different type of meals. All of the above are conveyed through a nice and cute video clip.

After the hour long clip, you can taste some of the foods cooked with their cooking oil. Children can also take part in drawing competition and walk away with attractive prices.

Through a small window, you can also observe how the packaging of oil containers is done.

Before leaving the factory, everyone will walk away with some goodies bag.

Sadly, no purchasing of the cooking oil are allowed.

This tour will be categorised under both factory tour and education tour.

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Siti said...

Hi! Your blog is very useful for me to search for educational tours :)

Just asking if there is an entrance fee to go to this cooking oil factory and will there be any guided tour provided?


Anonymous said...

Is there an entrance fee to go to this cooking oil factory and will there be any guided tour provided for students?

Richard Yap said...

Hi Cooking oil visit is now closed. Please browse this blog to find other sites that may interest you.

Nameless said...

This factory no longer exists

Nameless said...

This factory no longer exists

Richard Yap said...

Yupz as mentioned in the earlier comment.

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