Monday, May 30, 2011

Educational Tour - Tiger Beer Brewery

Many of us like beer, but how many of us have a chance to visit a real functional brewery right in Singapore. Well do you know Tiger Beer is actually manufactured and bottled in Singapore?
Great Asian Brands: Tiger Beer
Tiger Beer is the result of collaboration between F&N and Heineken and as part of the brewery tour; you will have a more in-depth understanding of how our most favourite brand - Tiger Beer come into being.

As part of the tour, you guys will be guided through Tiger Beer museum which showcase the transformation of Tiger Beer through the decades.

The tour is followed by two short movie clips that explain how Tiger Beer came about and basically how Tiger Beer are made.

Next, we will proceed to the production facilities itself to see the fermentation silos, settling and packaging process. Lastly, enjoy free flow of cool beer in the Tavern itself.

If you are interested, you can also plan to have company dinner there with Buffet and free flow of beers! You are almost guarantee to have a wild time.

As photo taking in the production facilities is not allowed, I have only taken photo in the museum and tavern itself.

Tiger Beer Brewery is categorised under educational and factory categories.

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Anonymous said...

how much is the overall charge for visiting tiger brewery with a group of 40 students?
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Bipin Kala said...

Do you still prove tiger beer educational tours? We are interested to visit with our students of secondary and senior secondary.

Unknown said...

how much is the overall charge for visiting tiger brewery with a group of 40 students?
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Unknown said...

How much is the overall charge for a visit to tiger brewery for 30 ship crew of the Republic of Singapore navy ?

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