Saturday, December 19, 2009

Transportation Service/ Consultation services

Visiting these places can be very troublesome. It is a huge chore to decide what bus number to take from point A to B to C to D. Half the time will be spend waiting for the bus, while the other half will be wasted on the bus taking circulous route around Singapore.

Taking Taxi is of cos a viable options (if the taxi driver knows the way that is). However, taxi can take it at most 4 adults and will cost you a bomb if you travel around Singapore.

One of the best options around is to hire a mini bus or coach (20 to 45 seater). A full day event say from 9 to 4 pm cost only about $320. Which work out to be approx. $8 dollars per person for a chauffeured full day transport. Not even buses are as cheap. Think about it.

In addition, the bus drivers know these places quite well and will be able to guide you along as to where to go, who to approach and even what to buy!

Use this transportation services to remove ALL your planning headaches for either family outing, company retreats, class gatherings, church tour or just to organise an outing for your grassroots.

Detailed information
1. Request for quotation as prices differs due to different transportation needs
2. Standard trip of 9 am to 4 pm cost $320 per 43/45 seaters bus.
3. Tour guide is not provided.
4. Entrance fees, lunchs are not included in the fees.

If Transportation is not required. We could help to plan your trip and make the necessary booking for you for a One Day Trip at a flat fee of $50 dollars per 40 pax. Payment must be received before coordination begun. Fee paid is not refundable.

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