Monday, March 29, 2010

Warehouse Tour :- Brown Rice Tea

I do not like to do balancing. I hate to have a balance diet, I hate to balance my or other people accounts and I hate to balance my time. What I love is to eat what I like, screw the balances sheet and profit and loss statements and to play all day!

Sound like a dream? Well it is a dream until we do something about it. Anyone got any great idea, kindly inform me.

Brown Rice tea is all the craze recently. It purports to improve blood circulation, aids digestion and relieve stress (how a tea can relieve stress is beyond me...I drink tea when I got tonnes of work and need to keep awake) and the nutrients in the tea constitute and important part of an balance diet (that dreadful word again) .

Highlander is one of the main importers of Brown Rice tea in Singapore and they sell several other products related to Brown Rice Tea. Situated in Aljunied, booking is required and participants will be served a cup of hot desert and some herbal soup made from Brown rice.

This tour will be classified under the Warehouse Tours.

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Anonymous said...


I am from the elderly care services. I would like to bring this group of people to visit your factory. Can you kindly advise on the arrangement?

Pls email me at

Richard Yap said...

Hi I have emailed you.

Unknown said...

Hi.. I love brown rice tea.. Is there any way i cud buy ur tea? I live in jakarta. Do u have store here?

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