Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Factory Tours

Welcome to the main landing page of the factory tours. The main difference as compare to warehouse tours is factory tours allow viewing of production process.

Of cos, whether one find it educational or not will depend on whether how interested or how receptive you are on what the guide is telling you.

To avoid confusion, alot of factories are lump as warehouse as no production are seen. If some of the factories you are looking is not here, feel free to pop over to warehouse tours.

1) Otah/Soon Kueh factory:- Lee Wee Brothers/ Mygenie (worksheets available)
2) Ointment and Balm factory:- Fei Fah ( Manufacturing process seen through Video)
2a) Crocodile oil and Durian Tour 
3) Chee Cheong Fun Factory Tour:- Leong Chai Kee
4) Yakult Factory Tour
5) Gardenia Tour
6) Thow Yen Bao
7) Sime Darby Cooking Oil
8) Gems and Jade Factory
9) Grass Jelly
10) Diamond and Jewellery Factory
11) Biodiesel Recycling plant
12) Tiger Beer Brewery
13) Malay Curry Puff
14) Coffee Factory
15) Fassler Salmon Factory (Change of management - Only warehouse visit avail)
16) Birdnest Factory
17) Kikkoman Factory


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am interested to bring a group of friends with me to the tiger beer brewery, please advise thanks!

Anonymous said...


when will u be having a factory tour (any kind) again?

Richard Yap said...

Hi Yes. Pls drop me an email for enquiry

Anonymous said...

Hi, how much do you charge for the tiger brewery tour?

Anonymous said...

I intend to take a group of primary school students to do food factories tour during the year end holidays, but do not know if you do conduct such tours. Kindly reply to if you do conduct such tours. Thks

Unknown said...

Good morning.
This is Than do you have a Sewer visit?
We are customer Japanese they want to visit to Sewer.

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